Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week Eighteen

Event:  Rode the city bus to work

Did you know you can take the bus for $1.50 from midtown to downtown and it only takes 5 more minutes than driving?  Sheesh.  Where have I been?

On Thursday I decided to take the bus to work.  I got online, did my research, found a "park and ride" location and was ready for a new adventure.  The bus I needed to take was to depart at 7:53am.  So when I came screeching into the parking lot dropping f-bombs, burning rubber, driving like a maniac at 7:53 and a half, I was not surprised to see the bus pull away just as I turned in.  Super.

I ran out of my car and luckily 3 buses were still there.  Hopeful, I jumped on the middle bus and asked the driver if he was going downtown.  Of course not.  I jumped onto the next bus and the bus driver said, "Yes, but not for 30 minutes.  Go ask the first bus."  Ugh.  Glad I wore heels.  I jumped off and ran up to the first bus only to find it was empty with no driver.  "He's not here yet" a woman standing on the curb said to me.  "He's coming around the corner now."  I turned around and eagerly asked the driver if he was heading downtown.  Not only was he heading there, but he was leaving in 4 minutes.  Score!

While at the stop, a few more people hopped on.  A mom and her young daughter, a businessman and a student.  We made frequent stops and the people watching was fantastic.  Especially when a super good looking guy got on. Unfortunately, not only did he not sit by me (I cleared the seat and everything) but he was married.  Dang!  The best, though, was when a homeless guy got on.  He walked up the stairs and told the bus driver, "I only have two minutes left on this card!"  Oh boy.  He had stained pants (I don't want to know from what) and had something that resembled vomit on his jacket.  Again, I don't want to know.  As he walked down the aisle, I kept saying to myself, please don't sit by me, please don't sit by me.  Sure as shit, he sits by me.  Luckily I had a copy of the bus route in my hand, so I pretended to study it since I had no interest in engaging in a conversation with him.  That became difficult, especially when he turned to me and yelled, "Did you know the Germans built Jets before we did?"  (I was like, OMG somebody save me).  He said again, this time louder, "Did you know the Germans built Jets before us?"  I kept focused on my map, never made eye contact, but about lost it when he then exclaimed, "Those dirty bastards!"   

Next stop:  Downtown.  That's me!  Gotta go!

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