Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Sixteen

Event:  Meet with a Financial Planner

Ten years ago I was working two jobs living paycheck to paycheck.  My rent was $425 a month and I could barely make ends meet.  Instead of balancing my checkbook like most OCD-anal retentive-have-way too-much-time-on-their-hands kinds of people do, I would just call the 1-800 number of my bank, cross my fingers and pray that there was money in my account at the end of each month.

Now, I'm fortunate to have a 'big girl' job that allows me to not sweat it at the end of each month.  You'd think though, with all my free time (not having to work that second job) I would maybe take the time to balance my checkbook.  Think again.  Ten years later, I still call the 1-800 number of my bank each month to see how much money I have.  Only this time, it's so I know how much I can spend at Target and Banana.

Thinking this behavior may not be attractive to my potential soul mate (I'll probably end up marrying an Accountant), I thought it'd be a good idea to meet with a financial planner - someone who can really whip me into financial shape.  As we started to discuss my 401(k)'s, my mortgage and my investment opportunities, I quickly realized I was in trouble.  I had no idea what we were talking about.  I mean, I have heard the word "Escrow" (I thought it was Esgrow), and I've been told about Money Market Accounts, Roth IRAs and CDs...but I have no idea what any of these are.  I mean, I thought Dow Jones was some big-wig financial guy and Warren Buffet was a successful singer/songwriter.  Apparently, I need to get out from under my non-financial rock and learn a thing or two. 

So, goodbye carbon-copy checks with an empty check register.  Say hello to Quickend.  (see, I still have soooo much to learn...)


  1. For the record, I'm an anal retentive engineer and I still didn't whip myself into shape until I read Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace book.

    Now one of my best friends is my financial advisor and running buddy :)

    Good luck this week! I'm eager to hear how it goes.

    I also want you to know you have inspired a friend and I to try this why not attitude...THANKS!!!

  2. hee hee...quickend. that's funny.