Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Twelve

Event:  Psychic Reading

I have always been fascinated with the notion that a regular person like you or me has the ability to see spirits and ghosts and talk to the dead.  I have always hoped people really had these powers, but I never thought I'd be a true believer...until today.

On Friday, I called a psychic whose name was given to me by a friend.  Hoping she would answer the phone and say, "I knew you were going to call" (ha) she answered the phone sweetly, told me about the near death experience she had as a child, the visit she received from a higher power and how during this visit He explained the gift she had been given.  At this point I'm still a little skeptical, especially when she said she can do readings over the phone, but I'm going with it.  At about that moment, she interrupted and asked me a personal question that was spot on and I about fell over. 

We made our appointment for Saturday morning at 9am.  I woke up super early - anxious, nervous, scared, excited and not really sure what to expect.  At 8:59 I had the cold sweats and kept thinking about the scene from the Sixth Sense - "I see dead people."  (Did it just get really cold in here?  I think I can see my breath). Ok, snap out of it.  I called her.  She answered and said, "Oh I'm so glad you called."  Uh, I was supposed to call.  Anyway, she immediately started apologizing because she was getting new carpet in and the carpet people came early so she wanted to know if we could reschedule.  I wanted to say, "YOU'RE A PSYCHIC!  DIDN'T YOU SEE THAT COMING?"  But I bit my tongue and we rescheduled for Sunday.  Then I felt bad because what if she could sense all the 4 letter words I was using to describe my disappointment about her schedule conflict but then I laughed and prayed just a little bit and told God how wonderful her gift is.  (Can't hurt, right?)

Sunday.  9am.  Cold sweats part 2.  I'm as nervous as a sinner in church.  So we begin.  My psychic kicked off the session by telling me I needed to ask some questions.  So I told her my biggest question was about my love life.  It's a fairly simple question, I told her.  Like, 1) Where is he?  2) Who is he? 3) Do I know him? 4) Are we going to get married?  5) Are we going to have kids? 6) Is he hot?  You know, just some basic questions. 

As she started down a path talking about relationships, there was a long, dramatic pause.  Then she said, "Your grandma is here."  Holy shit.  This is for real.  Not only was my grandma there, but it sounded like more than one grandparent was weighing in on my life.  Because this psychic pulled out things that no one but family or close friends would know.  In fact, she said to me, "Did you just change your hair color?" (I got really blonde highlights a couple of months ago).  I said yes and she said, "Well, your grandma wants me to tell you they're kind of funky and a little too blonde."  HA!  Sounds like grandma to me! 

Over the next 51 minutes, my psychic, my deceased grandparents and I discussed life, love and the pursuit of the "joy spark that is missing."  In fact, grandma said, "Nobody wants to date you because they feel like it's a job interview."  Harsh, but true.  Then the psychic gave me some encouraging news - the man that she sees me with is a little nerdy (ok that's not the encouraging part), he is tall, has salt & pepper hair, is musically gifted, might have kids and will want to take care of me.  And...I may have to ask him out first.  According to my psychic friends (and family) network, I need to put down the 'dating checklist', take off my 'dating armor' and just be.  Oh, and go to church.  The psychic said, "grandma is saying something about going back to may want to do that because that's where the nerdy guy will be..."

So, it looks like next weekend I'm going to be quite busy getting low-lights in my hair, shredding my 'dating checklist' and going to church.  The things we do for love.

*Special thanks to my amazing psychic.  Oh, and Dionne Warwick - I never stopped believing!


  1. I freaking love this post. Always wanted to talk to one myself, just for fun. Or get a palm reading. Whatever. Oh, and I believe it's "whore in church" (hehe) :)

  2. Oh, this is going to be FUN!!!