Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week One

Event:  Had dinner and drinks with friends from out of town and gave a boy my number

Friday night a friend was in town so a bunch of us decided to meet at a local pizza joint for dinner, then out for drinks.  So, I rushed home from work (late as usual), let the dog out, found a dead squirrel on the back step, grabbed the shovel, got rid of the dead squirrel, let the dog back in, changed into jeans and boots and jumped in the car.  Shoot.  I forgot to freshen up my make-up, take a shower, shave, get a bikini wax and re-do my hair but dangit, I was late.  So off I go.

Dinner was great with the one small exception of meeting a new couple (also from out of town) who laughed hysterically at my past dating stories, but laughed even harder at what my online dating "handle" was.  I won't share it here because I can't take the humiliation, but apparently it's really bad.  Maybe that's why I never got any decent winks.

After dinner we headed over to a bar that we've frequented many times.  Within 15 minutes I had a good feeling.  There were lots of people, good music and the shuffle board game was open.  Game on!  So four of us started playing when I see out of the corner of my eye a girl I work with.  I run over to say hi and while catching up I notice she's sitting next to a really cute guy.  Ball cap - check.  5 o'clock shadow - check.  Million dollar smile - check.  I assume it's her boyfriend so when I mention it, they're both like "oh no, we're just friends."  She goes on to tell me this guy (we'll call him Adam) is single.  Suh-weet!  So, I turn on the funny/smart/flirtatious charm and before you know it, I'm sitting next to him and we're chatting away.

Thanks to a little encouragement from my co-worker, by the end of the night he and I had exchanged numbers and before I knew it, he had texted me and friended me on facebook.  Ahhh yeah.  Happy New Year to me!

So, we've texted a few times back and forth and now I wait.  This is the part I hate.  But I'll be patient.  (At least until noon tomorrow...)

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  1. no wonder i haven't heard back from you all weekend. how exciting! i'm going to love this blog.